A Place for All - First Presbyterian Church
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In a meeting about a year ago, the Session made a key observation: our building is not consistent with our beliefs about God, our mission as a church, or our belief in granting wide welcome. We say we are a place for all, but is that the message conveyed when a visitor pulls into our parking lot and enters the building? Moreover, the Strategic Plan of 2014 recognized that our building is aging and parts are poorly utilized. We don’t need more space; we need to use what we have more effectively. Our older church members require safer more accessible access to all levels; our Children’s Worship Centers are scattered through the building creating difficulty for parents dropping off or picking up children; lighting is poor and carpets are worn.

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow.”

Mark Twain


GROWTH – numerical, spiritual, and program growth.

PEOPLE – all people — infants to youth to older adults.

SAFETY – accessibility, safety, and security for our members and visitors.

PARTNERSHIPS –  ministry connections and desires to share space with community groups.

EFFICIENCY – wise and effective utilization of space.

ENVIRONMENT – FPC understands that God’s welcome is communicated not only by spoken theological convictions but also by a physically inviting and comfortable environment.

Together, we can raise



Based on our values, we have developed a Master Plan and are poised to proceed with Phase 1 of that plan. First Presbyterian Church is embarking on a journey to raise approximately $1.2 million to invest in the foundation of our ministry so that we can further express our values and become an even more welcoming, accessible, and safe Place for All!

Our hope is that you will consider and pray about what God’s will is for you in light of this exciting campaign. Let’s join together asking God “What do you want to do through me?”

Our Prayer:

God “What do you want to do through me?”


WHITE = Existing Building, No Work

TAN = Existing Building, Updated Finishes

YELLOW = Existing Building, Renovated Area

GREEN = Addition, New Construction



A sustainable design is of utmost importance. The decision to reuse and renovate the existing building will keep several tons of demolition waste out of landfills. Both the existing structure and proposed new additions will implement the following sustainable features:


PRAY:  “God, what do you want to do through me?” Follow the Place for All 21 days of prayer devotional.


GATHER:  Participate in one of the small group meetings in May and June to learn about the project and options for giving.


WORSHIP:  Focus on our gratitude to God with song, prayer, members’ reflections, and sermons.


PLEDGE: Cards and a detailed brochure will be available in June.  Commitment Sunday is July 15.


There are a variety of methods to submit your financial gifts.

Place cash or checks in the weekly Sunday offering plate using the provided envelopes.

Issue a bill through your online bill pay which generates a check mailed to the church as often as you would like.

Give a stock gift directed to Raymond James & Associates, Inc. Speak to the bookkeeper prior to making these arrangements.

Use auto stewardship to have your gift pulled from your checking or savings account weekly or bi-monthly. Contact the church office to complete the proper paper work.

Please contact the FPC office if you have any questions: (616)392-9022 or office@fpcholland.org


Should we give this money to the community rather than spend it on our building?

First Presbyterian Church takes giving to and serving our local community very seriously. A list of our local missions partners can be found HERE. In addition to generous giving, our building is used a daily basis by local community groups like AA, First Presbyterian Preschool and Boy Scouts. We believe that it is critical to upgrade our facility to make it a more safe and accessible space, using our space wisely so that it is inviting and welcoming to all.



Why are we having phases? Shouldn’t we do all the work at one time, and trust that the money will come in?

A vast amount of time and energy was put into performing a feasibility study. The feasibility study projected that we could receive 1.2 million projected pledges over a three year period of time. IF our capital campaign generates 2.3 million, we will move forward with Phase I & II at the same time.



Will anything be done to increase our available parking?

Besides adding a canopy to allow passengers to enter or exit more safely during all seasons, the parking lot is not part of the building project.



Has anyone checked with the city about getting the triangle on the south side of the building for additional parking?

There was been a discussion about approaching the city on this topic. It was determined that this needs to be a follow-up item, not part of the current building improvement plan.



Will there be a loop system in the Lower Level?

Yes, a loop system will be included in Phase 1.



What is going to be done about security?

Building security is addressed in Phase I. An interior window will be constructed between the receptionist area and the narthex, and a security camera will provide a visual connection to the parking lot entrance. The Preschool will gain a direct entrance to the playground via fence alterations.



The lower level could use some natural light. Will that be addressed?

Part of Phase I included updating the South Entrance and Stairs. The South stairway will open with exterior windows for improved lighting.



Will the chancel be wheelchair accessible from inside the sanctuary?

There is limited space in the Sanctuary so we will be adding a lift to the Chancel in the Narthex.



Will a certain percentage of the amount raised be used for missions, as has been done for previous building projects?

In short, no. However, we believe that the upgrades to our facility will benefit many groups that use our building, i.e. the Boy Scotts, AA, Preschool, and beyond.



When will Phase 1 begin, and following that, when will Phase 2 begin?

The only phase planned is Phase 1, with a hope to start in August of 2018. If Capital Campaign contributions exceed $1.2 million or if actual construction bids come in lower than estimated, then the scope of Phase I will be expanded to include elements of Phase 2.



How long is the A Place for All Campaign?

The campaign period lasts for three years, August 2018 through July 2021.



I am interested in making a gift to help move the project forward. When can I give my gift and what can I give?

Commitment Sunday, when the congregation will be asked to make a three-year financial commitment via a pledge is July 15. If you have a gift that you like to offer before or after this time frame you are welcome to do so. If you have a specific question, please don’t hesitate to contact Ted Oyler (teddoyler@gmail.com) our Director of Finance for a confidential conversation.



How are the pledges given?

It is up to the individual making the pledge how they want to give.  Many individuals will break up their total gift and make weekly or monthly offerings toward their pledge over the three years of the campaign. Some persons may give their pledge in one or a few lump sums, due to special circumstances, or for tax reasons.  How the gifts are given will be varied according to your specific situation.



What if my job situation changes or I have a crisis?

The pledge card is a declaration of your intentions to give based on your understanding of your situation when you fill out the card. We understand that a crisis or emergency may preclude or diminish your ability to give what you intend.  It could also be that an unexpected blessing may enable you to give more than you thought you could. If you need to alter your pledge for any reason, contact Bob Knittel (knittelrobert@sbcglobal.net).



Who can best answer specific questions related to my campaign gift and my tax situation?

Your tax advisor will be the best source of information regarding the tax implications of your gift.  



How will you keep Operating and Capital Monies separate?

All Capital Campaign funds are already being maintained in a separate account used exclusively for the capital campaign expenses and not for annual operating expenses.



How will we be asked to participate?

Every person who feels a connection to First Presbyterian will be asked to do two things:

  • Pray daily: “God, what do you want to do through me?”
  • After praying daily, you will be asked to make a sacrificial gift to the A Place for All campaign on Commitment Sunday, July 15.  These capital campaign gifts will be given across a three-year period from August 2018 through July 2021.



What can I do next?

Attend a town hall meeting, learn about the project, and ask clarifying questions. If you have questions, please contact Bob Knittel (knittelrobert@sbcglobal.net). Then, pray. Pray for our church and her future. Pray asking, “God, what do you want to do through me?”