A Place for All - First Presbyterian Church
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A Place for All

Dear FPC Members & Friends,

Below, you will find information about the proposed building remodel and expansion at First Pres. We believe that by renovating and better utilizing our existing spaces, both on the upper and lower levels, our facilities will become, even more, welcoming, accessible, and safe to all! This is why we have decided to call our building design project A Place for All.

The proposed building plans have been designed by Cornerstone Architects based on feedback they received from many members of our congregation. Our goal is for everyone to have all the information that is available about the planned changes. In addition to dedicating a page on our website to share information, you will notice A Place for All posters posted throughout the church describing the various modifications and changes outlined in the proposed plan. We encourage you to walk around both levels of our facility to familiarize yourself with each area of the building that will be impacted. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to approach a member of the A Place for All Building Design Committee.

We want to emphasize that we are early in the design of these proposed changes and we welcome your comments, suggestions, and questions! At the bottom of this page (below all the design details), you will find a simple form to submit your comments, suggestions and/or questions. Upon submitting, your comments will be emailed to a member of the A Place for All Building Design Committee so that they will be considered.

A Place for All Building Design Committee

Larry Grinwis, Jon Kreple, Chris Olney, William Haines, Sandra Peterson, Larry Briggance, Hillary Roethlisberger, Linda Knieriemen



  • Honor the existing character of the church, while improving the appearance to be fresh, vibrant, and welcoming.
  • Increase safety and accessibility by providing a covered drop off at the north entrance.
  • Improve connection to and utilization of the Lower Level by installing an elevator at the north entrance.
  • Increase visibility and accessibility of office area for reception and security.
  • Increase size and function of Narthex.
  • Improve connection to and utilization of the Lower Level.
  • Consolidate Worship Centers.
  • Improve Preschool Entrance.
  • Better utilize existing space before considering expansion.


Existing Interior Area = 23,500 sf

Proposed Additions = 1,700 sf

New Interior Area = 25,200 sf


WHITE = Existing Building, No Work

TAN = Existing Building, Updated Finishes

YELLOW = Existing Building, Renovated Area

GREEN = Addition, New Construction


Updated Finishes = $30 / sf
Renovated Areas = $70 / sf
New Construction = $200 / sf

TOTAL Estimated Costs = $1.7M – $1.9M


North Entry

South Entry


A sustainable design is of utmost importance. The decision to reuse and renovate the existing building will keep several tons of demolition waste out of landfills. Both the existing structure and proposed new additions will implement the following sustainable features:


Worship Centers

Fellowship Hall


Please submit your comments, suggestions, and/or questions using the form below. 

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