Certified Christian Educator for Discipleship and Spiritual Growth - First Presbyterian Church
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Certified Christian Educator for Discipleship and Spiritual Growth

Purpose statement: Ministry position focused on spiritual growth and discipleship and care across the generations.

Reports to: Head of Staff and through her to the Personnel Committee


Hours of work: This is a full-time position with program benefits of insurance and pension.


Compensation:  As negotiated


Description of Characteristics

In order to be successful in this position the person needs to possess the following characteristics

  • Certification as a Church Educator
  • Passion for teaching and learning.
  • Passion for ministry across generations and intergenerational ministry
  • Biblically based, but not a literalist and able to offer contemporary perspective on the Biblical message
  • Open to new ideas, non-judgmental, good boundaries, and welcoming to all.
  • Organized and communicative.
  • Ability to work effectively independently and collaboratively as a friend among colleagues.



  • Leads Youth Ministry Team including recruiting volunteers, collaborating with others to provide youth with opportunities for spiritual exploration and growth, mission engagement and fellowship.
  • Fosters intergenerational learning experiences
  • Participation in worship leadership.
  • Collaborates with Coordinator for Mission Partnerships to provide education/action/reflection opportunities in mission engagement
  • Organizes and Teaches Confirmation class
  • Supervises Children’s Ministry Coordinator
  • Coordinates learning opportunities for adults including teaching and securing outside presenters
  • Coordinates and supports fellowship and spiritual growth for young families
  • Serves as primary staff resource for Spiritual Growth Council
  • Provides collegial addition to the staff team
  • Attends weekly staff meetings
  • Communicates regularly with the FPC community via e-weekly, Profiles (monthly newsletter)
  • Tends to one’s own well-being and family



Relates closely with the Head of Staff, Children’s Ministry Coordinator and Youth Ministry Team, the entire staff team as well as elders of the Spiritual Growth Council.


Performance in this position will be reviewed annually by the Head of Staff with input from the Elders for Spiritual Growth