Give - First Presbyterian Church
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Giving at FPC

In Deuteronomy 26, the Israelites were told to give the first and best portion of their harvest. By giving God their First Fruits, Israel acknowledged that everything comes from God and that they trust in God’s provision. Just as God provided the First Fruits, God would provide the rest of the crops that were needed.

Here at FPC, we encourage a “First Fruits” perspective on giving. Financially, First Fruits Giving translates into giving off the top rather than from what is left over. Whatever your contribution is to our ministry at FPC, remember that your commitment to God is to return the First Fruits of the resources God has provided to you.

We have faith that, with God’s help, our collective support of the work of Christ on earth through FPC will not only support our current ministries and services but will allow us to grow significantly – positively impacting our community in greater ways, both locally and globally! Thank YOU for helping make this possible!

How to Give

There are a variety of methods to submit your financial gifts:

  • Place cash or checks in the weekly Sunday offering plate using the provided envelopes.
  • Issue a bill through your online bill pay which generates a check mailed to the church as often as you would like.
  • Use auto stewardship to have your gift pulled from your checking or savings account weekly or bi-monthly. Contact the church office to complete the proper paper work.
  • Give a stock gift directed to Raymond James & Associates, Inc. Speak to the bookkeeper prior to making these arrangements.


If you have any questions about how to give, please do not hesitate to contact the church office. If necessary, the church office will be able to connect you to the FPC Bookkeeper and/or FPC Treasurer.